Aliases: Rockstar, Riccardo

Breed: Rottweiler

Favorite toy: Literally anything he can get his teeth on

Owners: Catty

ASPCA personality Type: Couch Potato -I’m a relaxed, laid-back kind of dog who enjoys long naps, watching movies, curling up on laps, and walking very short distances from the couch to the food bowl and back.

Appearance:  A

Rocky is a very handsome boy with a shiny coat and a beautiful, smiley face. He has soft velvet ears and two tawny brown spots over his eyes which I see as sort of a trademark. He’s an old doggy now, but the grey hairs just make him look distinguished.

Friendliness (People): A

Friendliness (Dogs): D

Rocky LOVES humans, his family and visitors. As soon as someone visits he walks up to them, gives them an ‘nobody ever cuddles me, I’m so lonely and sad please love me’ glance with his big, soulful eyes and puts his head in their lap. He’s so affectionate that he will climb onto your lap if he can, despite weighing around 50 kgs. He just wants to be as close to the people he loves as possible, all the time.
As for other dogs, Rocky has a young brother of just over a year old who gets on with quite well. He used to be quite social but being the old boy he is now, he’s not very keen on new doggy company.

Special Talents: C

In his heyday, Rocky was quite a talented soccer player, even dribbling the ball between his paws. Now his talents are mostly sleeping and stealing his brother’s food, which he is VERY good at.

Begging for Food: C

As noted before, Rocky has gigantic soulful eyes that he uses to hypnotize humans into handing over love and yes, food. He’s so good at it that he got quite chunky and had to be put on a diet, much to his dismay.

Other important information: Rocky is nearing the end of his life, and if I had one wish it’d be to extend it another ten years. He is the most gentle, loving dog I’ve ever met.

Overall Grade:  B-