A website dedicated to our best friends. Use the link above to submit a review of your dog!


We’ll post our FAQ here as questions come in.  For now, here are some resources you might find helpful, and questions that I think might come up.

How do I get a good picture of my dog?

I found this great guide from Gary A. Donahue on how to get a great picture of a big black dog.  But the guide isn’t just helpful for big black dogs, he gets into tips for taking a picture of any dog.  Read it over and it should help you to figure out how to get a good shot of your dog so you can send in your review!

Will you e-mail me when you post my dog?

Maybe.  If selected, I will try to e-mail you with the expected date your dog will be featured.  But the best way to know is to check the website!


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