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Sparky the Australian Shepherd/Dalmatian mix

Aliases: Sparkles, Sparklebutt, Spark Plug, Batdog

Breed: Australian Shepherd/Dalmatian mix

Favorite toy: Human feet

Owners: Adam

ASPCA personality Type:
Constant Companion – Let me sit at your feet, walk by your side, and I’ll be your devoted companion forever.

Appearance:  B

He’s got the most expressive face I’ve ever seen on a dog, and his ears make him look like a bat. But he does resemble a cow. Also, when he was a puppy, the muscles in his ears weren’t quite strong enough to support themselves, so he had floppy ears for a long time. They grew at different rates, though, and one ended up standing up before the other, so for a while he had one floppy ear and one straight ear! I’ve always been disappointed he outgrew that.

Friendliness (People): B

Sparky loves people, particularly people with bare skin, which he will lick until the skin rubs off. He only actively seeks out people he trusts, though.

Friendliness (Dogs): B

With other dogs, he warms up to them quickly, but seems okay with or without their company.

Special Talents: CHe thinks he’s a great lizard hunter, but he’s not.

Begging for Food: C

Sparky has no shame about begging. He lays his chin on your knee and stares at you with his doleful brown eyes, without blinking. He’s also smart enough to know who’s the easiest target in the room.

Other important information:

He’s named after Sparky the Sun Devil, Arizona State University’s mascot.

Overall Grade: B


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