Aliases: Buppy, “Who’s a good boy?”

Breed: English Bulldog

Favorite toy: Rawhide Bones

Owner(s): Jamie and Marcelino

ASPCA personality Type: Couch Potato -I’m a relaxed, laid-back kind of dog who enjoys long naps, watching movies, curling up on laps, and walking very short distances from the couch to the food bowl and back.

Appearance:  A

Just look at these cheeks. No one can refuse his Chewbacca like requests for love, attention, or table food!

Friendliness (People): A

Friendliness (Dogs): D

He likes his brother, Miller, and will generally tolerate the presence of other, smaller dogs. However, Winston has a bit of a Napoleon complex and refuses to befriend larger hounds who might be able to successfully question his right to rule the house.

Special Talents: C

Winston, although stubborn, will perform a variety of tricks (if you have the right treat!). He can sit, give paw, lay down, and roll over! He also knows how to wiggle his butt on command (but you have to do it, too!)

Begging for Food: C

YUM! People food! Winston especially loves having parties at his house so he can roam from guest to guest taste-testing food.

Other important information:

Overall Grade:  B-