Aliases:  Sid, musti-poo, grand-baby-boy

Breed: Maltipoo

Favorite toy: Biscuit!  His first favorite.  It’s a beige bean bag dog.

Owner(s): Jennifer

ASPCA personality Type: Constant Companion – Let me sit at your feet, walk by your side, and I’ll be your devoted companion forever.

Appearance:  A

Sid looks like a real life teddy bear!  He makes you want to just cuddle!

Friendliness (People): D

Friendliness (Dogs): D

He is friendly and loving if he knows and loves you.  He needs to warm up to strangers.  He is very protective otherwise, and does not do well if strangers come up to pet him.

Special Talents: B

If you say “kiss kiss” he will shower you with puppy kisses!

Begging for Food: C

He will cry, moan and whimper if you’re eating something he really wants (and looks so darn cute doing it!).  He loves cheese and apples!

Other important information:

He is the light of our lives, and we don’t know how we ever lived without him.  He is a joy to come home to at the end of a long day.  He has our heart!

Overall Grade: C+