Aliases: Pops and Kaikai

Breed: Chihuahuas

Favorite toy: Pops – stuffed carrot, Kaiser is too fancy for toys!

Owners: Andrea & Mike

ASPCA personality Type: Constant Companion – Let me sit at your feet, walk by your side, and I’ll be your devoted companion forever.

Appearance:  A

Everyone loves the little guys!

Friendliness (People): D

Friendliness (Dogs): D

Kaiser shakes in his doggybed the whole time we have guests but Pops wants to sit in everyone’s lap.

Special Talents: D

We haven’t really trained them, but Pops does play fetch with us and his toy carrot!

Begging for Food: C

These guys rule the roost! So when they give us “the look” they get whatever they’re asking for.

Other important information:

Overall Grade: C