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Willie Booker Bennet the Schnoodle

Breed: Schnoodle

Favorite toy: Tennis ball

Owners: Anonymous

ASPCA personality Type: Constant Companion – Let me sit at your feet, walk by your side, and I’ll be your devoted companion forever.

Appearance:  B

He would be a 5 but he loves to roll in nasty, smelly things when we let him loose in the neighborhood, but he’s adorable nonetheless!

Friendliness (People): B

Every now and then he will bark at a stranger, more than than he does now.

Friendliness (Dogs): C

He loves to play with other dogs when his tennis ball isn’t around. If it is, he only wants me to throw it and will pitch a fit if another dog gets it or even comes near it.

Special Talents: A

Willie can do countless tricks like sit, lay down, roll over, shake, come, stay and give kisses, but his best trick is getting shot. I can point a pretend hand gun at him and say ʺBANG!ʺ and he will fall over and lay there.

Anytime there is a place too high for him to jump, I will get on my hands and knees and he will jump on my back and up to where he wanted.

He can also catch any tennis ball in the air before it bounces. BUT he is very obsessive with his tennis ball.

Begging for Food: A

Any food I drop, I will call him over to clean it off and then he will stay and wait for more. We are very bad about giving it to him, so I don’t blame him.

Other important information: He does shed but not a lot and he is hypoallergenic. He is very good with kids!

Overall Grade: B+


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