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Aliases: Super Grover

Breed: Goldendoodle (retriever x poodle)

Favorite toy: his reluctant older brother, Rocky.

Owners: Catty

ASPCA personality Type: Free Spirit – Intelligent, independent, confident and clever, I prefer making my own decisions but will listen to you if you make a good case. We’re partners in this adventure. Treat me like one and we’ll both live happily ever after.

Appearance:  A

Grover is extremely handsome, with a HUGE fluffy, white coat, droopy ears and intelligent, dark eyes. When he needs a trim he’s slightly less handsome because he ends up becoming dreadlocked and frizzy, but most of the time he has movie star looks.

Friendliness (People): A

Friendliness (Dogs): C

Grover loves people, and he loves cuddles, but he’s still really a puppy so what Grover loves most is to PLAY and that is how he sees visitors, whether they be human or canine. He takes a bit longer to get used to his fellow doggies, but once he realises they’re as keen to run around in circles as him, he’s their best friend!

Special Talents: D

Grover barely scrapes a two in this area because he is an extremely disobedient dog – living up to his ‘free spirit’ personality type quite well. He’ll sit, he’ll drop, but what use are those if he won’t come?

Begging for Food: B

Obtaining food isn’t much of a problem – he’s very smart and an opportunist who often outwits his human counterparts and steals bits and pieces. He does tend to lose them to his brother quite often though because Grover is quite cat-like in his eating habits, slow and finicky.

Overall Grade: B


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